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Abida Parveen albums free Download
Songs of the Mystics
Kabir by Abida
50 Greatest Hits Abida Parveen
Baba Bulleh Shah
The Best of Abida Parveen
Sufiana Kalam - Top 50 Sufi Hits
30 Hits - 3 Great Artists
The Best of Abida Parveen
Euphoric Abida
Tere Ishq Nachaya
Live In Concert - Svar Utsav, Vol. 1
Jahan e Khusrau
50 Greatest Sufi Hits
Abida Ghazal Ka Safar, Vol. 2
Kabir By Abida
30 Greatest Hits Abida Parveen And Noor Jehan
Ghazal Ka Safar Vol. I
Kafian Bullhe Shah
Live In UK, Vol. 2 (Punjabi)
Baba Bulleh Shah
Ho Jamalo
Mere Dil Se
Latest Ghazals By Abida Parveen
Abida Parveen: Meri Pasand Vol 2
Mehfil-E-Ghazal Abida Parveen
Ishq Qalander, Vol. 12
Ishq Mastana
Live In Concert - Svar Utsav, Vol. 2
Shaane-e-Ali Vol. 2 (Islamic)
Abida Parveen - The Sufi Queen
Live In UK, Vol. 1
Kabir By Abida
Pakistan : abida parveen, chants soufis (Qâul, ghazal & kâfî)
Treasures Abida Parveen, Vol. 2
Sufi Queen Abida Parveen
An Evening With Abida Perveen
Meri Pasand
Live In UK, Vol. 3
Haideriyam Qalandaram Mastam - EP
Heer by Abida
Treasures Abida Parveen, Vol. 3
Abida Sings Amir Khusrau
Baba Bulleh Shah
Eternal Abida
An Evening With Abida Parveen Vol. 2
Kafian Khawaja Ghulam Farid
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